About Us


Our Name

 In 1974, a De Havilland Buffalo aircraft with 9 Canadian peacekeepers on board was shot down over Syria with no survivors.  Our name, Buffalo 9
Brewing Co, honours those 9 peacekeepers, as well as all the men and women that served and sacrificed for our freedom.  Our beer names and label designs will pay respect and honour our military’s contributions both past and present.  There is a second meaning behind Buffalo 9 Brewing Co.  One of our founders grew up  on a rural Alberta farm where highways 9 and 41 (nicknamed the Buffalo highway) meet.  Both founders have had family members serve in both world wars and it holds great importance to them. 


Our Logo

In the First World War, most battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces had unique badges worn on their service caps.  Our logo is our representation of one of these iconic cap badges, with a brewery twist of course.  


Our Founders